OfficeSIP Communications Makes Its VoIP SIP Products Open Source

OfficeSIP Communications makes its two enterprise VoIP SIP clients officially open-source. OfficeSIP Softphone and OfficeSIP Messenger are now publicly available, and their source code published under the GPL license. The two products complete with the source code are available for immediate download at the company's Web site,

OfficeSIP Communications is committed to continuous development of both SIP clients, and invites developers to join the project. The company believes that opening the source code to the community will benefit the development of the project, and will help it gain trust and popularity among its users.

About OfficeSIP Softphone and OfficeSIP Messenger

The two VoIP applications enable users to communicate via the industry-standard SIP protocol. OfficeSIP Softphone is a simple, straightforward SIP client enabling voice and video communications, while OfficeSIP Messenger offers enterprise customers the ability to communicate via text, voice and video chats for free. Compatible with Office Communications Server 2007, OfficeSIP Messenger delivers reliable performance combined with trouble-free deployment and management. OfficeSIP Messenger implements ICE, STUN, and TURN protocols to seamlessly traverse NAT and firewalls, and supports secure communications via the TLS protocol.

OfficeSIP Softphone and OfficeSIP Messenger are written in C# in .NET framework. The two applications make use of Microsoft Unified Communications Client API SDK, ensuring the highest quality of audio and video communications. The use of underlying Microsoft platform ensures the greatest level of compatibility with a wide range of hardware devices such as webcams. OfficeSIP Softphone and OfficeSIP Messenger have been extensively tested, and offer the complete SIP functionality.

About OfficeSIP Communications

Established in 2007, OfficeSIP Communications has been developing open-source instant messaging and VoIP solutions for enterprises. The company established solid reputation among its customers, and gained expertise in meeting the communication needs of its corporate customers.

Source Code of OfficeSIP Softphone and Messenger
Source Code of OfficeSIP Server


Cross-platform open source multi-user video conference.

Download @


Simple cross-platform open source SIP messenger.

Homepage briefmsg

Structure of Open Source OfficeSIP TURN Server Project

Structure of TURN Server

OfficeSIP TURN Server is TURN server compatible with [MS-TURN] and MS Uccapi SDK
SocketServers.NET is socket library written in C#
Turn.Message.NET is library of TURN message parser/generator written in C#